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HFAC offers a wide variety of options for its more experienced members. Take a look at our programs for 2019 below:

Investment Research


- Sarah Hong

- Alex Spiride

The Investment Research program provides a combination of investment experience and continued education. The curriculum covers topics at a level beyond what the comp addresses and explores in more depth the fundamentals of valuation. In addition to attending weekly sections, Investment Research Analysts conduct independent research on companies and develop their financial modeling skills, pitching their ideas to the rest of the Investment Research group and critiquing the pitches of their peers.

Senior Investment Research


- Abdelaziz Nasr Bahnasy

- Daniel Lee

- Sid Menon

- Harsha Paladugu


Senior Investment Research groups analyze potential investment ideas, presenting their findings to the fund in stock pitches at our weekly meetings. SIR members will build models, learn about companies and industries at a fast pace and figure out what is important to determine a company’s future prospects and value. SIR Analysts are responsible for attending weekly meetings with their group as well as HFAC’s weekly asset management meetings (at 7pm on Thursday in the Lamont Forum Room), as well as devoting additional time to research and pitch preparation work.

Quantitative Finance


- Ahan Malhotra

- Jonathan Huang

The Quant group uses quantitative analysis to evaluate investments and help HFAC manage its portfolio’s risk. Members will learn about modern portfolio theory and analyze the market using math to find patterns and research potential investment strategies for HFAC. The Quant group uses statistics and computer science to implement the risk management structure for the portfolio. Although oriented towards club members interested in trading or risk management, no previous quantitative finance experience is required. 

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