Our Organization

Founded in 1996, the Harvard Financial Analysts Club (HFAC) is Harvard's largest finance organization on campus, having recruited over 800 students in the past four years, in addition to managing a $40,000 investment portfolio. HFAC is dedicated to providing the Harvard student body with sound financial education programs and real-world investment experience. Through the HFAC comp, new members are given a ground up introduction to finance with a focus on internship/career preparation. After completion of the comp, students can help manage HFAC’s open-end mutual fund, an equity portfolio under the direction of the club’s student and alumni members. In addition to its weekly financial meetings, HFAC hosts guest speakers and conducts networking events with finance professionals and former members.

Our Fund

The HFAC fund provides hands on investment experience to graduates of the HFAC comp. Investing in small and micro-cap stocks, the fund consists of investment research teams who do in-depth research to produce stock pitches presented to the club's members at weekly asset management meetings each Thursday after the comp (7pm-8pm). Strong ideas are selected for inclusion in the portfolio, which is kept concentrated. See the portfolio tab for our current portfolio as well as our recent pitch decks. 

Our Programs

HFAC offers the premier undergraduate education in finance for Harvard College. We provide three levels of programming for our members, ranging from comp to the investment research program to the senior investment research program. In comp, you will learn the basics of accounting principles and valuation methodologies. Our investment research program builds on these skills and teaches more advanced investment techniques. The senior investment research program applies these skills to manage our $40,000 portfolio.

Questions? Contact us

Contact us via website or email: harvard.fac@gmail.com

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