Comp meetings occur each Thursday at 6pm in the Lamont Forum Room.


The HFAC comp is the most rigorous introduction to finance available to Harvard Undergraduates. Our semester long curriculum includes a rapid-paced introduction to finance, company analysis and the foundations of valuation and investing. Weekly sections and homework assignments reinforce the material, and each comper participates in a final stock pitch that integrates and utilizes the knowledge they've learned.


For athletes and all others who have conflicts with Thursday at 6 PM, an additional lecture will be taught on Sundays at 2 PM in Sever 102. 

HFAC Overview
Introduction to Finance
Income Statement
Balance Sheet
Balance Sheet (Continued)
Cash Flow Statement
Financial Metrics, Ratios, and Comps 
The Discount Rate, CAPM, and WACC
DCF Practical
Review & Stock Selection
Key Takeaways
Stock Pitch Competition
Fall 2019 Comp Schedule and Slides
Fall 2019 Comp Sections
  • Fridays @ 1:30 PM in Quad Poker Room

  • Fridays @ 2:00 PM in Sever 109/110   

  • Saturdays @ 10:00 AM in Winthrop Beren Conference Room B002 (women's comp section)

  • Saturdays @ 12:00 PM in Emerson 210 (10/12 in Science Center B10, 10/19 in Sever 202, 11/02 in Science Center 309)

  • Sundays  @ 8:00 PM in Science Center B-10

  • Tuesdays @ 3:00 PM in Sever 210

  • Tuesdays @ 7:00 PM in Dunster W024 

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